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What our peers say about
Co-founder and CEO -
We’re lucky to work in the fascinating world of Hospitality and Travel, a sector shaping human societies for millenias. Yet at times, we all witnessed how it gets a bit outdated in its ways and not keeping the pace with today’s knowledge economy. solves this sour spot by being a powerful educational force for our industry.
Founder - MEWS Systems is a great platform for openness and editorial content from strong voices in an industry that is too often dominated by self-serving impulses.
Partner - Dryven
I believe the travel and hotel tech industry is just getting started. The “golden age” hasn’t passed yet, there’s a lot more coming. Getting great and practical education, information, opinions and knowledge from those who have tried, failed and then succeeded is invaluable to build that future. Am really happy to see bringing that kind of knowledge to the industry.
Nordic Hotels & Resorts - Sr Revenue Manager
Love this site and the vlog is a great insight to what is happening amongst my peers and the industry generally. Such a great concept and helpful point of resource for all hoteliers.