Opportunities Hotels can apply from Alternative Accommodation's Use of Technology Smart technology is changing how we interact with everything, from our homes to office and business environments. The hospitality industry is no exception. The hospitality industry is progressively adopting intelligent business technology into its tech stacks and operational ecosystems. After re- cent slumps in business due to COVID, the question should be asked if the industry is moving fast enough towards more automated and contactless technologies in preparation for the return of travel and guests, who will undoubtedly travel with a new set of perspectives and expectations. Everything from the booking process, operations to guest experience to marketing, smart hotel technology can offer a variety of automation, meeting guest expectations, delivering cost savings and revenue opportunities, ultimately assisting hoteliers and operators in achieving efficiency in service levels and a return to profitability. An interesting place to start would be taking a closer look at technology ideas from alternate accommodation providers such as OYO, Airbnb, and Sonder. Technology solutions s