Smart Hotels - In Room Technology Before COVID-19, hotels' primary strategies were to create guest satisfaction, brand loyalty, and revenue. In theory, this won't change, but hoteliers and hotel owners will have to deal with post-COVID-19 tech-enabled guests who will most definitely have health-related expectations. When the world starts to open up again, a hotel's cleanliness and sanitation will play a critical part in its recovery, and so will its guest-facing technology. If applied cleverly, guest-facing technology and how a hotel markets its offering could play a significant role in the decision-making process of future bookers and guests at a hotel. A hotel's guest-facing technology offering could become a relevant focal point for their future guests' experience. Contactless options will most likely be very sought after. Hotels wanting to introduce technology that supports a contactless environment will first need to review their tech stack and determine how flexible it is to support this. Consider a guest's touch points when arriving and staying at a hotel.  The front desk and check-in processThe elevator call button and floor selec