Virtual & Augmented Reality in the Hospitality Industry By Vladimir Varnavskii, Founder & CEO at  Vladimir is an entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in scaling businesses and building high-performing international teams. Leveraging his background in management consulting and experience of start-ups at different stages, Vladimir creates value in fast-paced environments in a structured manner. 25 years ago you had to go to a travel agency to book a vacation on a secluded tropical island. In 2000 everyone was able to do a booking from the comfort of their home, and in 2010 it all switched to mobile. Is Virtual Reality going to be a new way of booking hotels in the 2020's?  Most likely so!  If you look at a hotel booking as an e-commerce product it is very different to other online shopping experiences. It’s quite expensive, you have no chance to experience it before you pay, and there is no refund in case you don’t like your purchase. Just compare it to buying a pair of sneakers which will be shipped to your doorstep to try on, moreover you can return them if you don’t like the colour