18 months later: An update on 'Google's Influence on Travel' (This Article is an addition/update to the Article published in June 2019, 'Googles Role in Travel,' written by Mark Fancourt.) Eighteen months is a long time in technology! When Andre (Baljeu) first asked me to write the original article 'Google in Travel', it was the time of the launch of the techtalk.travel platform and things that were in progress or about to be for Google were pivotal. Researching for the article was enjoyable, combining two of my passions of the distribution space and operational and customer-facing technology. Should a business be be punished for providing compelling products for their customers and subsequent commercial success? I think not. They should be rewarded. Google is much like an Onion. As you peel back the layers the appreciation grows for the reach of a technology environment that via multiple generic products has permeated through the travel and hospitality industry.Since July 2019 there have been several further developments. Some commercially oriented and other extensions of programs that began a long time ago. We will dive into the specifics of those a