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COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE with Ben Thomas from Penta Hotels l 24 June 2021

COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE with Ben Thomas from Penta Hotels l 24 June 2021

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Watch this on-demand video recording of the COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE live session we streamed live on LinkedIn and Youtube on 24th June 2021, with special guest Ben Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer at Penta Hotels.

Based on the 15th edition of The Hotelier PULSE Report, Ben Thomas discussed together with the hosts Pedro Colaco and Lea Jordan current hotel and travel market developments and how Penta Hotels is responding in terms of commercial and digital strategy.

Some aspects discussed were among others:

  • Reason to be optimistic?

    Given how the EU is expected to reopen travel for US tourists and other selected markets, the 15th edition of The Hotelier PULSE Report shows the most significant increase in international bookings since April 2020, accounting for over 60% of total bookings May 2021. 

    Is international travel likely to resume in 2021? Should we anticipate any disruptions to this measure? What are Penta Hotels doing to prepare for this?

  • There is a sharp decrease in Hoteliers shaping offers around the local, domestic market and an increased focus on upskilling the hotels' workforce

    Does the same apply to Penta Hotels? What topics are top of mind for Ben and his teams as the industry responds to the pent-up demand and recovers?

  • Europe-based Hotels show lower levels of confidence around the level of vaccination in their respective destinations.

    How does Penta Hotels see this? What have been some of the strategies to respond to the prevailing uncertainties and disruptions around this issue?

If you prefer tuning in to the podcast version of this session, find it here. Find the original live broadcasting Linkedin link, including all comments and questions from the audience, here.

The COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE sessions are co-hosted by Pedro Colaco, CEO at Great Hotels of the World and Guestcentric, and André Baljeu, Founder at 

Pedro and André discuss with their changing guests the latest findings of The Hotelier PULSE Report and its implications for the respective markets represented and overall market developments impacting the hospitality and travel industry.

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