COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE with David Chestler from PROVision Partners l 27 May 2021

COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE with David Chestler from PROVision Partners l 27 May 2021

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Watch this on-demand video recording of the COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE live session we streamed live on LinkedIn and Youtube 27th May 2021, with special guest David Chestler, Partner & Senior Managing Director, PROVision-Partners.

Aspects discussed are amongst others:

  • Hotel bookings in the US hotel market in April 2021 significantly exceeded 2019 values. How will this signal of 'Revenge Travel', or 'Pent-Up Demand' develop globally as more destinations reopen?

  • For the first time in the Hotelier PULSE series, the industry's expectations are that ADR (Average Daily Rate) may moderately increase in the next 12 months. Is this trend expected to hold and evolve up until 2022? What pricing strategies should Hoteliers take now to capitalize on the demand in the upturn that's coming?

  • The April 2021 survey reveals that two-thirds of hoteliers expect 2021 to be a better year than 2020 in terms of hotel revenue. We all know what happened after summer 2020, but vaccination is a critical change in 2021. Is this a realistic expectation? What could change - for better or worse?

  • The 14th edition reveals a growing expectation that corporate travel will resume. GDS (Global Distribution System) data shows a small, but steady recovery and group demand is returning focused on Q4’2021 and Q2’2022. Will this trend continue to grow globally? If so, why?

  • Throughout the economic fallout, the Direct Channel has been the most resilient - outperforming major OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and recovering faster ahead of the summer demand. How can hotels maintain control of distribution as life continues to return to normal, and third-party competitors ramp up investment in visibility marketing?

If you prefer tuning in to the podcast version of this session, find it here. Find the original live broadcasting Linkedin link, including all comments and questions from the audience, here.

The COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE sessions are co-hosted by Pedro Colaco, CEO at Great Hotels of the World and Guestcentric, and André Baljeu, Founder at

Pedro and André discuss with their changing guests the latest findings of The Hotelier PULSE Report and its implications for the respective markets represented and overall market developments impacting the hospitality and travel industry.

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