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COLLECTIVE #hoteliers l 5th June 2020

COLLECTIVE #hoteliers l 5th June 2020

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Tune in to the recording of the second COLLECTIVE #hoteliers session that was streamed live 5th June 2020 on LinkedIn and Youtube

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The following hoteliers joined David Turnbull in this conversation and shared their experiences and views about the current situation:

Dirk Fuehrer, Chief Commercial Officer at Vienna House
Karen Nedergaard Svendsen, CEO at Absalon Hotel Group 
Michael End, Managing Director at 25hours Hotels
Rajesh Vohra, Owner & Director at Sarova Hotels UK

03:50 l Managing Today  What’s your current status (low-point to now)? What was/is the biggest challenge for you? What is the biggest learning you personally take away from this situation to date?

29:00 l Consumer Behavior Hygiene and Sanitation, is that the new Luxury? Where are the Customers at? What has been the biggest surprise you have seen with regards to the customers? 

37:26 l Sustainability Are we moving backwards with regards to our industry's performance regarding environmental sustainability?

41:55 l Technology What are the barriers to implement new Technology?

42:53 l Audience Questions How are you dealing with sanitation? How are you embracing technology to support here?

47:30 l Preparing for Tomorrow What is the future of a hotel, when we cannot rely on half upon the segments that make up our businesses up in a 'normal' business scenario? Where do you see the major risks and opportunities?

1:11:00 l Audience Questions What is your advice to graduates and young talent aspiring a career in the hotel industry? What can they expect with regards to career building looking at a depressed market?

1:15:00 l Audience Question How long will the emphasis on cleanliness last? What do you think the impact will be on Airbnb?

1:17:30 l Audience Question Are you taking specific measures to increase revenue, as for example enhanced cross-selling?

You prefer watching the session? Find the Video here.

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