For-Sight, a CRM & Marketing solution for accommodation providers, joins the dedicated industry community to collaborate on content creation around hospitality technology trends and developments, joining the mission of empowering better-informed technology decisions and increased collaboration in the hotel technology space.

Allan Nelson, CEO & Co-Founder at For-Sight said:

'Everyone at For-Sight is delighted to be joining as a member of the community. Sharing industry knowledge around data and guest engagement has always been important to us, but as we look to the future and beyond the pandemic, we believe that this free flow of information across the industry will help the recovery. Being a part of the fantastic and growing community will allow us to play our part in that.'

André Baljeu, Founder at added:

'We are thrilled to welcome For-Sight as a Member and look forward to working closely with the entire team. Their in-depth expertise around data management and maximization adds tremendous value to our community. Leveraging their knowledge and experience in working with data for customer communications will enable us to provide even better content - for industry, by industry.'

VIDEO l Allan joined André for a brief chat.

Watch this video and hear Allan’s perspectives and views on questions such as:

  • Why is data critical and a key asset to the lodging and hospitality industry?
  • What challenges is the hospitality industry facing in terms of data management and usage?
  • Why is collaboration in the hospitality industry more important than ever? Especially on the vendor and technology providers side? And, how should we approach this?
  • Why did the For-Sight team decide to join
  • What is it, that Allan enjoys most about working with the hospitality sector?

The member companies and organizations are leading key players of different branches associated with the hotel and travel technology space.

These forward-thinking industry stakeholders create influential industry alliances serving the interests of hoteliers, hotel owners, hospitality and travel professionals, technology providers, young talents, and universities alike. The dedicated industry community shares the mission of co-creating neutral, educational content around digitization and technology in the hospitality industry to foster transparency, collaboration, and innovation.

Meet the For-Sight Team

Allan Nelson, CEO & Co-Founder

Allan is part owner, founder and board director of For-Sight, its parent company and other subsidiaries. As CEO of For-Sight, Allan's primary role is to provide leadership and empower the For-Sight team to deliver a great product that meets the hospitality industry's needs. With a passion for technology, Allan believes that data is a critical asset for the industry to deliver real results at scale. Based in Edinburgh, Allan and the team work hard to create an environment where innovation thrives.

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Jamie McBride, Head of Marketing

Having started his career in the hospitality sector, including corporate meetings and events, Jamie is passionate about building brands and improving guests' experience. Before joining For-Sight in October 2018, Jamie led national and global B2B marketing teams from Fortune 500 software developers to Professional Legal Services firms.

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Nigel Allport, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Nigel is a highly respected sales executive with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality technology sector, working with a diverse client portfolio of top-tier hotel brands, luxury and boutique hotel chains, hotel management companies, resorts, franchisees, and independents, and Business Partners. An international executive, Nigel is a frequent guest speaker and presenter at many industry events and conferences, including HOSPACE, HOSTEC, and HTNG in the United Kingdom. 

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About For-Sight

For-Sight helps hospitality professionals to unlock the guest journey through data management, operational insights, and tools to provide a personalized experience for every guest at every touchpoint.

For-Sight unites Hotel technology systems to turn siloed guest data from your Property Management System (PMS) and other transactional systems into a central source of truth for each guest and their journey with your brand.

For-Sight’s CRM functionality and powerful multi-channel tools allow opportunities to be identified and personalized communication and marketing campaigns to be delivered, at scale, to increase direct revenue, loyalty and engagement.

For-Sight is headquartered in Edinburgh, UK, and is a Forth Communication Ltd brand.

For more information visit and follow For-Sight on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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