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S04E05: Guillermo Gaspart, BYHOURS l Hotel Microstays, Pay per Use in Hospitality & Travel Trends

S04E05: Guillermo Gaspart, BYHOURS l Hotel Microstays, Pay per Use in Hospitality & Travel Trends

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'In my opinion, there are three main challenges for the hotel industry in the coming years: To respond to the heightened need for Personalization, Flexibility, and the adoption of the Pay-per-Use Concept.' - states Guillermo Gaspart, CEO & Founder at BYHOURS, and Co-Founder & Partner at Atiram Hotels in this interview. 

In this episode, Lea Jordan sat down with Guillermo Gaspart at the BYHOURS office in Barcelona to hear more about his background and career journey; why he founded BYHOURS; micro hotel stays and the pay per use model in the hotel and travel industry; overall trends in travel, the travel technology start-up scene in Barcelona, and more.

00:36 - Who is ByHours, and what are they about?

01:34 - About Guillermo’s background and career journey.

02:34 - Why ByHours?

04:53 - Removing the stigma.

09:40 - Opportunities from the crisis.

13:07 - Where is the growth coming from?

15:38 - Market demands.

16:53 - Travel industry trends.

19:53 - Pay-per-use acceptance in the hotel industry.

21:20 - Guilermo’s learnings from the crisis.

23:25 - How did the hotels adjust during the pandemic?

25:06 - Barcelona’s travel tech start-up ecosystem.

26:54 - 2 stand-out travel technology start-ups from Barcelona.

28:43 - Guillermo’s favorite travel experience.

29:55 - Guillermo’s favorite restaurant.

If you prefer watching the video version of this conversation, find it here and on our Youtube Channel.


Companies mentioned in the conversation:
Atiram Hotels l Sabre l Amadeus l Travelport l TravelPerk l Aervio l Siteminder l Gran Hotel La Florida Barcelona l Beso Beach Formentera


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