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Learnings from Asia l Global Travel (Demand) Trends - Insights from one of the biggest travel technology brands worldwide

ITB C-Level Interview: Jane Jie Sun, CEO at Group Limited (, Skyscanner & Qunar)

Jane Sun, CEO at Group Limited (, Skyscanner & Qunar) in interview at ITB Berlin 2022

Jane Sun speaks with Lea Jordan about trends impacting global travel, shifting consumer demands, how digitization affects the tourism industry, and what technologies Ctrip focuses on, and how they transitioned from a pure transaction platform to a content-rich, inspirational platform engaging users. Jane will also share her vision for the future of travel - What will travel look like in 10 years?

[ITB Future & Resilience Track] Watch the Session on-demand here.

The Travel Revolution and Changing Consumer Demands

ITB Executive Interview: Kathrin Anselm, General Manager DACH, CEE & Russia

Kathrin Anselm speaks with Lea Jordan about changing consumer demands in travel and how Airbnb adjusted its business model to accommodate the new trends. Kathrin also discusses the rise of flexibility and new work, what implications that has on leadership and teams, and how to guide employees in times of uncertainty & diversity in travel.

Kathrin Anselm from Airbnb in Interview at ITB Berlin Convention 2022

"We see a travel revolution.

More and more people are blending life with travel - Remote and hybrid work are driving the biggest change in travel since the advent of commercial flying. For the first time, millions of people can now live anywhere." - Kathrin Anselm, Airbnb

[ITB eTravel Track], Watch the full interview on-demand here.

This session was also streamed live on Linkedin live - Find it here.

Also, find this article by the WYSE Travel Confederation summarising the main takeaways from the interview with Kathrin Anselm

Alternative Accommodation & Short-term Rental Industry Trends

ITB C-Level Interview: Patrick Andrae, Founder & CEO at HomeToGo

Patrick Andrae, Founder & CEO at HomeToGo in Interview at ITB Berlin Convention 2022

Patrick Andrae shares his views on the structural trends that have emerged in the travel industry due to the pandemic. He speaks about the currently incredibly fragmented alternative accommodation ecosystem. What is HomeToGo's vision on how to solve this? HomeToGo is also the first successful tech de-SPAC in Europe: What's next after going public?

[ITB eTravel Track] Watch the session on-demand here.

What's next for Travel? An Industry in Transformation

ITB C-Level Interview: Axel Hefer, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at trivago

Axel Hefer, Managing Director & CEO at trivago in interview at ITB Berlin 2022

Axel Hefer speaks with Lea Jordan about what shift in travelers' behavior and overall travel demand he sees, what's his take on the industry recovery - What's to stay, what's to change, what's to come? Axel will also talk about shifts and changes in the B2B travel distribution ecosystem and the importance of company culture in times of uncertainty.

[ITB eTravel Track] Watch the session on-demand here.

The Future of Payments in Travel and Hospitality

Expert Panel discussing what trends and developments are shaping the payments space in travel

Xavier Ginesta, Chairman at Voxel Group, Chiara Quaia, Vice President Market Development Travel, Enterprise Partnerships at Mastercard, and Jörg Kablitz, Managing Director DACH at Paypal join host Lea Jordan in this panel to share their views and perspectives on what current challenges and opportunities in travel payments are.

How to solve the complexity of travel payments? How to achieve flexible and frictionless B2B payments in the travel space. What are the commercial opportunities? What's essential to a future-proof payment strategy.

[ITB eTravel Track] Watch the session on-demand here.

Hotel Technology Start-Ups - Where's the Innovation at?

Panel & Pitches: Hear from experienced Investors and VCs, and a successful startup Founder. Meet four new startups.

What trends are impacting the hotel technology startup space, and what's the current sentiment in terms of investments?

David Soskin, Partner at HOWZAT Partners, Suzanna Chiu, Head of Amadeus Ventures and Moritz von Petersdorff-Campen, Founder & CEO at Suitepad share their views and perspectives.

Start Up Pitches & Live Feedback from our Experts

These four Founders pitched with their just recently founded startup concepts and received live feedback.

  • Julia Kimmig, Co-Founder at Bespokely
  • Stephen Burke, Founder & CEO at Robosize ME
  • Michael Menzel, Co-Founder & CEO at fanz
  • Linda Yuan, Co-Founder at miniCal

[ITB eTravel Track] Watch the session on-demand here.

The modern Hotel Technology Stack

Expert Panel discussing what is essential to consider, when designing a future-proof, scalable Hotel Technology Stack.

Michael Heinze, Chief Architect at Shiji Group, Iris Steinmetz, Senior Director of Operations at HRS (Hospitality & Retail Systems), Timo Kettern, Corporate Director of IT at Bierwirth & Kluth, and Henrik Steen, Director of Software Engineering at Cloudbeds join host Lea Jordan in this panel to share their views and perspectives on how to design a current tech stack.

How to get from where we as an industry are today to the desired state of tomorrow in terms of open hotel technology stacks, flexibility, connectivity, and scalability?

[ITB eTravel Track] Watch the session on-demand here.

Also, find this recap by the Shiji Group team of this session.

Digital Wallets and Verifiable, Decentralized Identities in Travel & Hospitality

Expert Panel discussing the opportunities of digital identities in travel and why we need them

Nick Price, CEO at NetSys Technology and Chair of the Special Interest Group for Hospitality and Travel at the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), Francois Blanc, Traveler ID Managing Director at Amadeus IT, Florian Daniel, CIO at Deutsche Hospitality, and Jamie Smith, Strategic Engagement Director at Evernym and Avast Company join host Lea Jordan in this panel to share their views and perspectives.

What, and who is needed to make verifiable credentials a reality? What are current use cases/best practices?

[ITB eTravel Track] Watch the session on-demand here.

Also, read this commentary by Don Birch, CEO at Simard 'The Gap Between Theory & Practice - About digital wallets and verifiable, decentralized identities'

Technology & Travel Distribution

Expert Panel discussing how technology is shaping the future of travel and hospitality distribution

Mandar Vaidya, CEO Europe at OYO, Monika Wiederhold, Executive Vice President Ecosystem Initiatives at Amadeus IT, Eddy Veldhuizen, Global Senior Director Connectivity Partnerships at, and Sebastien Leitner, Vice President Strategic Partnerships at Cloudbeds and President at HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Association) join host Lea Jordan in this panel to share their views and perspectives.

What are technology trends impacting travel and hospitality distribution? How is technology shaping how travel is retailed and shopped, and how does that impact the various stakeholders? How will the current travel and hospitality distribution ecosystem change overall? What to expect for the future of travel distribution, and what’s technology’s role here?

[ITB eTravel Track] Watch the session on-demand here.

The Future of Business Travel & Technology's impact on the segment

Expert Panel discussing what's next in Corporate Travel

Andy Finkelstein, SVP, Global Agency Sales & Corporate Solutions at Sabre, Tristan Smith, Vice President Commercial at Egencia (a AMEX GBT company), and Jannik Wässa, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Comtravo will discuss how technology and digitisation are changing Corporate Travel.

In future, technology will be the differentiating factor for any business travel solution out there. Technological innovation is the core driver for customer experience – not only when it comes to travel itself (e.g. through personalisation of search results, new communication channels incl. bots) but also in adjacent fields such as payment and expense. In particular for the seamless integration of travel in the corporate context and up- and downward processes, technology and particularly data will become more important than ever. 

Jannik Wässa, Comtravo

[ITB eTravel Track] Watch the session on-demand here.

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