Oaky joins techtalk.travel as a Contributing Member

Oaky, a hyper-personalised and automated upselling engine for hotels, is joining a like-minded member community of influential companies and industry leaders who share the same objective of co-creating neutral unbiased and educational content about hotel technology, serving the interests of hoteliers, hotel-owners, hotel schools and educational institutions, hotel management students, consultants and other industry professionals - all in accordance with the guiding principle #forindustrybyindustry

Erik Tengen, Co-Founder at Oaky joined André Baljeu, Founder at techtalk.travel to have quick chat about why Oaky is joining techtalk.travel. Watch this brief video and hear Erik sharing insights, such as:

  • Why is Oaky joining techtalk.travel?
  • Touching on the 2020 German Technology Landscape Report by Hotelhero, Hotelverband Deutschland (IHA , HSMA Deutschland e.V. and techtalk.travel and what the outlook and key factors are for hotels in today's climate regarding upselling strategies and supporting software.
  • What are examples of how to create 'delight' for hotel customers, besides simply meeting their needs and expectations? The role of creativity, content quality, and the inclusion of the entire hotel team to successfully upsell.
  • What are Eriks experiences with staycations in Amsterdam?
  • Are there positive side-effects of the crisis on hoteliers' service delivery quality?
  • How does technology support with dynamic pricing and automation in the upselling process?
  • What excites Erik most about working with hoteliers?

The techtalk.travel member companies and organisations represent a variety of key players of different branches associated with the hotel technology space.

Oaky joins the existing techtalk.travel members SiteMinder, Shiji, Cloudbeds, Infrasys, ReviewPro, Great Hotels of the World, Concept, Ireckonu, Criton, Small Portuguese Hotels and guestcentric. Read more about our members here.

Erik on why the Amsterdam-based technology company decided to become an active member of techtalk.travel:

'We are thrilled to be joining techtalk.travel as a member. The crisis has brought a lot of things, but it really propelled our interest in sharing more knowledge to the industry about Upselling and we think that techtalk.travel is a fantastic platform to help us do that.'

About Oaky

Oaky is a hyper-personalised and automated upsell engine that helps hotels drive additional profit from their existing customers by delivering a superior guest experience. Browsing from best-selling upsell offers, hoteliers can add personalised guest-facing deals in a few clicks, and promote them through perfectly timed guest communication. This puts guests in control of designing their stay with upgrades, special deals and ancillary services. In short, Oaky helps hotels drive additional profit from their existing customers by delivering a superior experience to guests. Oaky is trusted by innovative hotels, groups and chains across the globe, including the likes of Amaris Hospitality, Onyx Hospitality Group & Radisson Hotel Group

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