Userguest joins as a Contributing Member

As a member, the hotel website revenue booster will contribute to and co-create educational content, empowering hoteliers, accommodation providers and travel industry professionals to make informed decisions about technology.

Hicham Benyebdri, Founder at Userguest comments: “We are excited to be joining and look forward to contributing to this great community and learning from like-minded partners within the industry. At Userguest, we are firm believers that knowledge is power and is the ideal platform to share, discuss, and address key industry topics vital to the hotel technology landscape. Individually, we hope to bring insights that will empower and inform others on the progress of the Revenue Marketing Ecosystem.” 

André Baljeu, Founder at adds: “We are thrilled to have Userguest joining us as a member. We are excited to leverage their expertise and insights around smart website revenue optimization and  data-driven inventory management for our mission to provide neutral industry intelligence and analysis and to work together closely with the team.”

[Video] Top 3 Technology Trends shaping the Hotel Industry and the Gap between Revenue Management & Marketing

Hicham Benyebdri joined our Co-Founder Lea Jordan for a brief chat. Watch this video and hear Hicham’s perspectives and views on:

  • What are the three main trends impacting the hospitality technology space, particularly in eCommerce?
  • What's the gap between Revenue Management and Marketing about?
  • Where is the potential in closing the gap between Revenue Management and On-Site Marketing?

Led by the shared mission of co-creating unbiased, educational content about technology in hospitality, the member companies build influential industry alliances serving the interests of hoteliers, hotel owners, lodging providers, technology providers, and universities. According to the leading principle: For industry, by industry.

Userguest joins the existing member community alongside Infor, HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems, Shiji Group, Cloudbeds, HOWZAT, Infrasys, ReviewPro, Great Hotels of the World, Impala, Expedia Group, Cendyn, For-Sight, Sciant, Concept, Criton, Small Portuguese Hotels, Nomadix, Proposales, Robosize ME, ennea Capital and GuestCentric. Read more about all members and partners here.

About Userguest

USERGUEST is a hotel tech company founded in Amsterdam in 2019 by Hicham Benyebdri, Assil Bernossi, and Ahmed Chami. After identifying that most hotels seek to increase their unmediated revenue stream, the founders set out to develop a tool that would empower hoteliers and boost direct bookings. The start-up helps hotels improve their website performance and increase revenue as a result. They developed a SaaS solution designed to help close the gap between revenue managers and hotel marketing teams. Userguest leverages data to push the right message to the right users at the right time, increasing traffic to the booking engine.

For more information visit, and follow Userguest on Linkedin.

About Hicham Benyebdri

Hotel Tech Marketeer. Expert in Automation & Personalization. Founder of Userguest.

Hicham is a hotel marketing professional with extensive experience in performance marketing. He gained deep knowledge and expertise in hotel tech whilst working at Expedia, focusing on Meta, bidding and marketing automation during this time. After successfully launching a hotel marketing agency specializing in performance marketing, Hicham founded Userguest with co-founders Assil Bernossi and Ahmed Chami.

Together, they are on a mission to empower hotels with technology to be more competitive against OTAs.

Connect with Hicham on Linkedin.

COLLECTIVE #RevMarketingAutomation, co-hosted by Userguest &

Session 1 | Revenue Marketing Automation (RMA) - What does it mean? What is the gap between Marketing & Revenue Management teams in hotels about? How can we bridge the gap between Marketing and Revenue Teams? How does this change the landscape for Marketing & Revenue teams? What are the benefits?

Revisit Session #1 of the COLLECTIVE #RevMarketingAutomation with Erik Muñoz (Userguest), Amanda Du (Penta Hotels), and Deniel Frey ( & HSMA Deutschland), hosted by Lea Jordan (

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Session 2 | Revenue Marketing Automation (RMA) - How to apply the concept of RMA to hotel websites? What are the opportunities for closing the gap between Revenue Management and Marketing? Why is RevMarketing Automation necessary?How to better understand users' behavior on the hotel website? What's the role of Automation and Personalization here? That’s discussed in 2nd COLLECTIVE #RevMarketingAutomation session.

Revisit Session #2 of the COLLECTIVE #RevMarketingAutomation with Erik Muñoz (Userguest), Eva Kaminski (MEININGER Hotels), and Tobias Köhler (BIG MAMA Hotels & HSMA Deutschland), hosted by Lea Jordan (

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Session 3 | Revenue Marketing Automation (RMA) - How do hotels know which strategies to apply and when? How to boost demand strategically on specific dates? How to apply revenue strategies to and how to create visibility of revenue strategies via the hotel website? That’s discussed in 3rd COLLECTIVE #RevMarketingAutomation session.

Revisit Session #3 of the COLLECTIVE #RevMarketingAutomation with Erik Muñoz (Userguest), Daniela Hupfeld(Pierre & Vacances), and Daniella Boeken (Ruby Hotels), hosted by André Baljeu ( 

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