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Michael Heinze from Shiji Group at HSMA Day 2022 - Career Journey, Open Tech Stack & Modern Leadership

Michael Heinze from Shiji Group at HSMA Day 2022 - Career Journey, Open Tech Stack & Modern Leadership

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'I am a believer. We can always build something that’s better, simpler, and drives us into the future. But to go into the future, you need to cut off legacy. Cutting off legacy is necessary in terms of cutting off old systems, but also old thinking. And that is as much a human issue or challenge as it is an organizational one.' - states Michael Heinze, Chief Architect at Shiji Group

André Baljeu sat down with Michael Heinze during HSMA Day 2022. Michael speaks about his background and career journey, the importance of cloud-based technology for the hotel tech stack, what to consider when designing a future-proof tech architecture, and his understanding of modern leadership.

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Time Stamps

00:45 - The early beginnings: Michael's background and how he entered the hotel technology space and startet software engineering

05:06 - Michael’s hotel technology journey with hetras, Snapshot, until today

06:36 - Why is adopting cloud-based technology such a challenge for the hotel industry? Why is it such a struggle? What are the barriers?

09:54 - What are the core considerations that owners of properties, stand-alone, small regional, or even larger properties, should keep in mind when designing a hotel technology stack today? 

12:37 - Michael's take on leadership: What is modern leadership?

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The industry conference addressed the latest developments and trends in e-commerce, distribution, technology, digitalization, revenue management, HR & Employer Branding, sustainability and MICE & sales for hoteliers. 

More than 300 hospitality professionals joined the HSMA Deutschland e.V. event on 12th May 2022 in Munich, Germany. More than 50 expert speakers shared their insights on 3 stages. Attendees could choose between more than 25 sessions, including keynotes, expert panels, and interactive workshops, and benefit from the outstanding networking opportunities.

All sessions of the HSMA Day 2022 are available on-demand. You can purchase online access tickets by contacting the HSMA Deutschland team directly ( 

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