announces strategic partnership with h2c

H2c, the hospitality commerce and distribution experts and, the industry knowledge platform around hotel technology, collaborate in co-creating neutral, educational industry content for an empowered hotel industry

Thanks to frequently conducted hospitality and tourism research studies, business performance benchmarks, and product specifications h2c has a solid understanding of upcoming technology trends, resulting in deep market insights.

Michaela Papenhoff, Founder & Managing Director of h2c said: “We are very much looking forward to working even closer with the team and to share dedicated industry insights to this community. We share the mission of working towards the improvement of knowledge in the hotel technology space and look forward to combining our efforts in educating about market space and technology developments for hotels. offers a central knowledge hub for hospitality industry professionals. With access to unbiased thought leadership content created by industry experts for industry professionals, hoteliers are empowered to gain a solid understanding of the various areas and aspects of the hotel technology landscape.

"We are excited about this partnership with h2c, an acknowledged industry thought leader. The expertise and in-depth market knowledge of the h2c team will add valuable perspectives to the future content created for the platform and the wider industry community. ” added André Baljeu, Founder & Managing Director of

The member companies and organizations, as well as partners, represent a variety of key players of different branches associated with the hotel technology space.

About h2c

Founded in 2001, h2c provides professional services that help hotel chains enhance their marketing and distribution performance.
The mission of h2c: “H2c inspires success in hospitality commerce. Our passion to translate marketplace complexities into actionable strategies shapes our relationships. The goal: clients are confidently in control.”

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Representing the change needed by the fragmented hotel and travel technology landscape, is a community of hospitality innovators ranging from hoteliers and hotel owners to industry students and technology providers. With the power of idea collaboration and shared knowledge with key stakeholders, game-changers, and industry influencers is a trusted go-to resource for neutral, ad-free hospitality technology content. The platform offers multimedia editorial-based content always with hotel technology at its core. Subscribers benefit from a wide range of educational content ranging from video interviews and podcasts with industry leaders, articles curated by industry experts, infographics, to live online think tanks, and more.

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