COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE with Jens Egemalm from Pandox l 13 October 2021

COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE with Jens Egemalm from Pandox l 13 October 2021

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Tune in to this on-demand podcast episode of the COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE live session we streamed live on LinkedIn and Youtube on 13th October 2021, with special guest Jens Egemalm, Director of Distribution at Pandox AB.

Based on the 18th edition of The Hotelier PULSE Report, Jens Egemalm discussed together with the hosts Pedro Colaco and André Baljeu current hotel and travel market developments and how Pandox is responding in terms of commercial strategy, distribution, and digital marketing.

Some aspects discussed were among others:

  • The 18th edition of The Hotelier Pulse report indicates the industry is optimistic about business performance over the next 12 months. 

    What are hoteliers seeing in their business today, and what are the expectations for the next 12 months? 

  • Since May 2021, Guestcentric's market trends analysis shows consistent growth in international hotel bookings. There is also a growing expectation among Hoteliers for international travel to contribute to the recovery significantly.

    What are Jens's expectations, and what should Hoteliers be doing to capitalize on this? 

  • Although the expectation for international travel to resume is growing, most Hoteliers surveyed expect international business travel to only recover in 2023.

    What are Jan's expectations for the recovery of this segment, and what are the implications for hotels impacted by business travel? How should Hoteliers adjust their strategies to align with this?

  • The market trends analysis shows the direct channel is recovering faster, and the majority of Hoteliers surveyed aim to establish their direct channels as the top source of reservations.

    Considering the rise of Google MetaSearch in 2021 and how Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are reverting to pre-pandemic visibility marketing efforts, what are the implications to distribution, and what should Hoteliers be aware of when planning their strategies for 2022 and beyond?

If you prefer watching the video version of this session, find it here. Find the original live broadcasting Linkedin link, including all comments and questions from the audience, here.

The COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE sessions are co-hosted by Pedro Colaco, CEO at Great Hotels of the World and Guestcentric, and André Baljeu, Founder at 

Pedro and André discuss with their changing guests the latest findings of The Hotelier PULSE Report and its implications for the respective markets represented and overall market developments impacting the hospitality and travel industry.

Read more about the COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE live sessions here and make sure to join the upcoming ones too.

Also, find all past COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE sessions here.

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