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Podcast | Digital Identities

Podcast | Digital Identities

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Digital Identities In Hospitality

In this episode, Mark Fancourt (TravHotech) and Sergio Serra (GuestCentric) join André Baljeu ( to discuss the world of Digital Identities and Decentralized Digital IDs, and how they impact the hospitality industry. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, it's no surprise that the hospitality sector has to be quick to embrace digital solutions that enrich guest experiences and simplify operations. The emergence of Digital Identities and Decentralized Digital IDs is one of the most significant advancements in this field, completely changing the way businesses manage customer data, personalize services, and ensure data privacy. Throughout this conversation, we'll take a closer look at the differences between traditional Digital Identification systems and Decentralized Digital Identification and how they're shaping the future of the industry. Additionally, we'll examine the challenges and opportunities that arise when implementing these innovative solutions in the world of hospitality.

For more information about the Decentralized Identity Foundation that was referenced in the discussion, here are the links. 

Sergio Serra, Chief Technology Officer at Guestcentric

Sergio Serra is a Dreamer and Software Engineering expert, he specializes in deploying Hospitality and business-related applications, particularly ERPs. He started working in software in 1999, first as a Developer and later as a Systems Analyst. Over the years he has been focused on the development and deployment of large industrial applications like ERPs and production planning software. Sergio started developing web applications in 2004, predominantly with PHP and Javascript. In 2010 he founded his startup focused on web-based veterinary software and later embraced the travel industry. In 2012 he joined Guestcentric Systems as a Senior Software Engineer, where he has been instrumental in both building and leading teams in the deployment of solutions with great user experiences.

In addition to developing innovative solutions for Hotels, Sergio also has a strong passion for sharing knowledge and ideas - usually in the form of leading opinion articles for the Travel & Hospitality industry. 

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GuestCentric is a Contributing Member at

Mark Fancourt, Co-founder at TRAVHOTECH

Mark Fancourt is the Co-Founder of TRAVHOTECH, the next generation technology consultant for the modern hospitality & travel world,, a forward-thinking approach to hospitality information security within the complexities of the hotel operations environment, FOODnBEVTECH, helping restaurants & bars make the right technology choices and Testbed Vegas, the nonprofit for hospitality & travel technology in Las Vegas.

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