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Podcast | Metasearch for Hotels

Podcast | Metasearch for Hotels

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This episode discusses the key elements of a successful metasearch strategy for hotels and accommodations, and how to leverage this channel best to drive direct hotel booking.

Pablo Delgado, CEO at MIRAI; Cassian Silins, Partner at HOWZAT ennea Group and Jens Egemalm, Director of Distribution at Pandox AB joined André Baljeu for this conversation about Metasearch for Hotels and Accommodations, discussing amongst others, aspects such as:

  • Why is Metasearch a critical aspect when looking at a hotel's direct distribution strategy?
  • Why do hotels need a MetaSearch strategy and what are the commercial models hotels should use?
  • Commission per Stay (CPA) versus Cost per Click (CPC) - What cost model is ideal for hotels?
  • What to consider when working with metasearchers and how to attract more direct bookings via metasearch?
  • The importance of rate hygiene and price parity.
  • What are helpful KPIs to look at? How to measure profitability and return on investment? How to manage the Meta Ad budget? What is a good ROI for hotels?
  • The role of brand building and defence when working with metasearch.
  • Implications and impacts of current developments, such as Google Hotel Free Booking Links. How can hotels best work alongside Google when it comes to Meta Search?
  • and more.

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