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Reto A. Wilhelm | SHS Swiss Innovation Day 2020

Reto A. Wilhelm | SHS Swiss Innovation Day 2020

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Reto A. Wilhelm, CEO and Owner at raw consulting shares his takes on what the Swiss Hospitality and Tourism Industry has learned from the Corona Crisis, shares  insights on his own background and raw consulting, as well as what he thinks investors will look at when considering investments, the tourism industry's relationship with technology and more.

Lea Jordan, Co-Founder at, spoke with Reto during the Swiss Innovation Day 2020 #SID20, which was organized and hosted by SHS Swiss Hospitality Solutions and SHS Academy. The  #SID20 took place in August 2020 at the Maag Halle in Zurich, Switzerland and was the first industry reunion and event for the Swiss Hospitality and Hotel Industry after the 2020's lockdown.

Good to know: The conversation is in German - make sure to active the English subtitles via the icon 'cc' underneath the video.

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