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S01E06: Steve Rubin | TRI Hospitality

S01E06: Steve Rubin | TRI Hospitality

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In this episode we talk with Steven Rubin, Founder of TRI Hospitality and Adjunct Professor at NYU about his personal hotel experiences, what independent hotel operators need to consider when sourcing new technology, the evolving Chinese Traveler and his take on the future talent of the hotel industry. 


1:10 Motivations to work in Hospitality 

4:19 Personal Booking Habits 

7:40 What does Airbnb want to be? 

11:11 Advice for the independents 

17:11 China 26:01 Blockchain 

23:33 The Art of Hospitality 

33:37 Today's Hospitality Student 

36:12 Hotel Schools 

39:21 NYC's Best Red Velvet Cupcakes