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S01E08: Kurien Jacob | Highgate Ventures

S01E08: Kurien Jacob | Highgate Ventures

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In this episode of we sit down with Kurien Jacob, Principal at Highgate Ventures in New York City.

Kurien has over 18 years of experience in Revenue Management, Distribution & Marketing. He is regularly called upon to deliver keynote speeches at leading Travel events & conferences and a specialist in these fields.

Kurien currently spearheads Highgate’s investments in disruptive technologies related to Revenue Management, Distribution and Marketing in the travel business.


0:44 Career Background 

3:59 Personal Booking Habits 

7:46 Future is communal 

10:28 Too much technology? 

12:28 Pre Revenue Management Systems 

15:31 Future Revenue Management Systems 

19:00 Outsourcing Revenue Management 

24:41 Next New York stay 

25:43 Go to place in NY with visitors