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S02E01: Mike Curtis | AIRBNB

S02E01: Mike Curtis | AIRBNB

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In this episode we talk with Mike Curtis. Mike is the Vice President of Engineering at Airbnb, he is responsible for delivering the simple, elegant way of matching people with the most interesting places in the world during their travels. Mike leads cross-functional teams dedicated to bolstering Airbnb’s growth while building trust between millions of hosts and guests around the globe. Prior to joining Airbnb, Mike served as a Director of Engineering at Facebook focused on user growth and engagement. Previously he was at Yahoo where he led the engineering team for Yahoo Mail.


0:45 Background

2:12 Robots replacing humans?

4:06 Airbnb's AI Strategy

7:29 Airbnb's Business Traveller Strategy

12:17 Future Direction

14:08 Blockchain Adoption & Future Competitors of Airbnb

15:07 Building the right product development team

16:13 What fascinates you about technology?