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S02E03: Sarah Fults | MGM Resorts

S02E03: Sarah Fults | MGM Resorts

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In this episode, we talk with Sarah Fults, Vice President Distribution at MGM Resorts International and current sitting HEDNA President. 

As a hotelier, Sarah gives her perspective on her career journey, technology associated with her work and HEDNA's plans for the future.


0:36 - Career Journey 

1:36 - Applying Hotel Technology Today 

2:54 - New Players in the Hotel Technology Landscape 

4:54 - Acceptance of AI & Blockchain 

7:09 - Distribution for an Independent Hotel

9:47 - President of HEDNA 

13:03 - HEDNA's Future 

18:11 - Advice to the Student seeking a career in the Hotel Industry

You prefer to watch the video recording of this interview? Find the video version here.