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S02E04: Erik Tengen | OAKY

S02E04: Erik Tengen | OAKY

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Erik Tengen, Co-Founder at Oaky sat down with André Baljeu in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and spoke with him about his path from DJ and Poker player to starting a hotel tech company. 

Tune in to this podcast episode to hear about Eriks background, the challenge of fragmentation and integrations within the hotel technology space, how Oaky was founded, the different needs of hotel chains versus independent hotels, and more.

Oaky helps hotels put their arriving guests in control of taking offers that both drive revenue and enhance their experience.


0:58 - Eriks background & how Oaky started 

6:10 - Building relationships 

7:30 - Getting integrated 

9:04 - Starting global 

12:06 - Different needs of independents and chains 

17:20 - Overcoming challenges 

19:08 - Finding new talent 

20:20 - Hotelschools addressing technology 

22:27 - Eriks entrepreneurial advice

You prefer to watch this interview? Find the video version here.

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Date of interview recording: May 2018

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