S02E04: Erik Tengen | OAKY

S02E04: Erik Tengen | OAKY

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Erik Tengen, Co-Founder at Oaky sat down with André Baljeu in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and spoke with him about his path from DJ and Poker player to starting a hotel tech company. 

Oaky helps hotels put their arriving guests in control of taking offers that both drive revenue and enhance their experience.


0:58 - Eriks background & how Oaky started 

6:10 - Building relationships 

7:30 - Getting integrated 

9:04 - Starting global 

12:06 - Different needs of independents and chains 

17:20 - Overcoming challenges 

19:08 - Finding new talent 

20:20 - Hotelschools addressing technology 

22:27 - Eriks entrepreneurial advice

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Date of interview recording: May 2018

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