S02E07: Ben Stephenson | Impala

S02E07: Ben Stephenson | Impala

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Ben Stephenson is the Founder and CEO of one of the hospitality industry's most dynamic and progressive tech start-ups. Impala allows third-party apps to connect to a property management software in minutes, using a clean, well-documented JSON API. André Baljeu sat down with Ben in September 2018. Ben shares insights on his background, what Impala is about, the hospitality industry's main challenges regarding technology, where Impala is heading strategically, and more.

Chapters with time-stamps

0:37 - Ben's Background

3:33 - Changing Tactics

8:25 - Impala's Biggest Challenge

10:11 - Technology Provider Ratio

12:29 - Industry Technology Challenges

15:32 - Funding Allocation

16:38 - Competition

21:06 - Impala's Future

22:08 - Ben's Top 3 Tips

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