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S03E01: Adam Harris & Richard Castle | Cloudbeds

S03E01: Adam Harris & Richard Castle | Cloudbeds

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Daniel Zelling and André Baljeu sit down with the founders of Cloudbeds, Adam Harris and Richard Castle. Based in San Diego, they share with us their journey on how Cloudbeds started and their take on the current landscape of hotel technology.

"It all comes back to the guest experience.


00:32 - Adam's & Richard's Background 

01:46 - What started it? 

04:21 - Evolution of the Product 

10:08 - Simplifying Integrations 

15:07 - PMS (Property Management System) or HMS (Hotel Management System)? 

21:06 - The decision-making process 

23:11 - The European Market 

25:09 - Next Industry Big Thing 

26:44 - 5 Mins in a room of Hoteliers 

29:26 - Front Desk. Is there an expiry date?

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