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S03E02: John Burns | Hospitality Technology Consulting

S03E02: John Burns | Hospitality Technology Consulting

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We sat down with John Burns during the HEDNA LA conference in January 2019 for a very enjoyable chat about his experiences in the hotel tech industry. Discussing topics such as the European Tech scene, mergers and acquisitions, and the Chinese travellers to name a few. A true stalwart of our industry, John is the President of Hospitality Technology Consulting.


00:35 - Background

03:00 - Evolution of Tech

05:30 - The European Tech Scene

08:09 - The Future of the Front Desk

09:36 - Industry Mergers & Acquisitions

11:31 - Advice to Students & Tech Startups

13:32 - Preparing for the Chinese Traveler

15:26 - US Property Development Challenges