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S03E05: Mike Ford | SiteMinder

S03E05: Mike Ford | SiteMinder

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During a trip to Sydney, we took the opportunity to sit down with Mike Ford, Founder and Managing Director at SiteMinder. Mike shares with us the challenges he faced building SiteMinder to the business it is today, the current state of the hotel technology space, Direct versus OTA/3rd party Bookings, Book on Google, and other great insights.


00:33 - Background 

05:28 - Describing what SiteMinder does

06:28 - SiteMinder scaling challenges 

10:09 - Direct Reservations versus OTA/3rd party bookings

13:39 - Book on Google 

15:26 - Technology challenges for independent hotels 

20:02 - New application categories 

23:32 - Mike’s opinion on technology in the next 3-5 years 

27:06 - 5 minutes with a room of hoteliers

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