COLLECTIVE #vendors l 17th April 2020

COLLECTIVE #vendors l 17th April 2020

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Recording of the COLLECTIVE #vendors live session: The following industry experts joined André Baljeu in this conversation sharing their views, experiences and expectations regarding the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

This open session for hotel technology providers covers 3 major aspects being impacted by the current situation: 'Managing today', 'Preparing for Tomorrow' and 'Consumer Behavior'.


How are you currently supporting your existing customers (existing & future) and is there more that can be done? 

What are other terms you are helping hotels financially through this downturn - without compromising your own business needs and objectives? 

Audience question: Have you see an Uplift in inquiries even during these downtimes. If so, how are you going to harness the new market without actually putting sales messages out there? How do you manage this by making sure to get the balance right?


Audience question: How do you expect things to move over in the next 3-6 months?

Have the industry's expectation towards vendors/Hotel Technology providers changed and will they change (after Covid-19)?

Audience question: Do you believe that guests are going to be raising their expectations on the facility providing clear and visual information regarding the indoor air quality as well as providing PPE amenities. Where if anywhere would technology play its role in there?


How long is it going to take for technology and hotel companies to have build up enough money again to start to spend it?

Hospitality was the first one to lock down. Will it also be the last one to bounce back, due to economic, social as well as legal restrictions?

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The COLLECTIVE #vendors was streamed live on Facebook and LinkedIn.
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