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Video | Leisure Distribution Technology & Dynamic Packaging

Video | Leisure Distribution Technology & Dynamic Packaging

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Watch this video to learn more about Leisure Distribution Technology and Dynamic Packaging for hotels and accommodation providers, featuring Natalie Kimball from Shiji Group & HEDNA, who joins André Baljeu to share her insights and expertise on the topic.

Time Stamps:

  • 01:59 - What is Dynamic Packaging? What’s Dynamic Bundling?
  • 02:47 - Dynamic Packages differ from traditional package tours
  • 03:13 - Levels of Dynamic Packaging
  • 03:39 - What ways are there to approach Dynamic Packaging & Pricing?
  • 06:58 - Dynamic Packaging Software. Does it exist? What are the best ways to procure it?
  • 12:25 - What are the potential pitfalls?
  • 16:31 - How to implement dynamic packaging?

Natalie Kimball, Vice President Strategic Account Management for Distribution Solutions at Shiji Group

Natalie's primary role is developing existing partnerships with Shiji's Switch and image asset, IcePortal. Her first role in the industry, over 20 years ago, was managing the Southern California market at Travelscape, which became the Expedia Merchant Model. She has built a successful career in the hospitality technology industry, including managing FIT, Tour, and Wholesale accounts at a 3,4, and 5-star hotel group in San Diego, working at two switch companies and for two of the largest OTAs; Orbitz and Expedia.

Natalie brings knowledge, leadership, and passion into all her roles. She is currently a board member of HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association).

Connect with Natalie Kimball on Linkedin.

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