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Video | Metasearch for Hotels

Video | Metasearch for Hotels

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This video, co-created with Cassian Silins from HOWZAT ennea Group covers the most important aspects to understand when it comes to Metasearch for Hotels and Accommodations. Aspects such as:

  • What is MetaSearch today and who are the four main players?
  • How does metasearch work?
  • Why do hotels need a MetaSearch strategy and what are the commercial models hotels should use?
  • The right positioning - What are the best ways to work with metasearch engines?
  • What are recommendations when it comes to establishing successful relationships with Metasearch platforms?
  • How to create and maintain a brand profile on Metasearch channels?
  • What Connectivity is needed?
  • Metasearch cost models explained: Cost per Click (CPC) versus Cost per Stay/Acquisition (CPA)

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