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COLLECTIVE #consultants l 4th May 2020

COLLECTIVE #consultants l 4th May 2020

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Watch the recording of the COLLECTIVE sessions for hotel consultants, that took place Monday, 4th May 2020.

The following panelist joined André Baljeu in this conversation and shared their experiences and views about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on their own business as well as the hotel, as well travel industry at large:

Charlotte Davies, Founder & Principal Consultant at A Bright Approach

Gregg Hopkins, Partner and Senior Managing Director at PROVision Partners

Jeremy Rock, Owner at RockIT Group

Mark Fancourt, Co-Founder at TRAVHOTECH

Michaela Papenhoff, Managing Director at h2c GmbH

COLLECTIVE #consultants was streamed live on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Read more about COLLECTIVE here.