September 2021

The Single Guest Profile and the importance of data to drive personalized guest experiences

The hotel industry has always been a guest-first industry; however, technology and often, hotel processes haven't evolved the same way. As guests expect faster and more personalized service at every step of their travel and stay, it is more important than ever to consider the guest as the center of the hotel technology stack and hotel processes. 

Hotels need to focus on consumers themselves, not just servicing them when asked but pre-empting their requests. The key to improving hotel operations technology is improving the guest profile by creating a Single Guest Profile accessible across all systems where applicable.

To understand the purpose and capitalise on the benefits, how does a hotel or a group of hotels best do this? What are some of the key considerations, and what should hotels look for in technology to achieve. 

Here is a video of an online session with key industry players discussing this topic - for information purposes only.