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September 2020

Podcast | Chatbots in Hotels

Chatbot technology has improved rapidly over the past few years and is gaining popularity across the hotel and lodging industry. However, what are the actual benefits chatbots can offer for hoteliers and accommodation providers? How can chatbots help increase guest satisfaction and improve the overall guest experience?

In this podcast episode Florencia Cueto from ReviewPro, Sebastien Leitner from Cloudbeds, and Brendan May from HERA join host André Baljeu to discuss some of the differences between the available chatbots. Why should hotels consider implementing chatbots? What integrations are essential? What is the ROI expected on such technology?


Florencia Cueto, Product Specialist at ReviewPro

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Sebastien Leitner, Vice President Strategic Partnerships at Cloudbeds

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Brendan May, Founder & MD at HERA - Hotel Res Bot

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