November 2021

Video l Meetings and Events Sales and Technology

Watch this video to learn more about opportunities of leveraging technology and automating business processes in Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Events (MICE) and group sales of convention hotels and venues.

Alexandra Weber from Lindner Hotels and me and all hotels, and Felix Undeutsch from join André Baljeu in this video to share their expertise and knowledge answering these questions:

  • (03:14) - Why is selling meeting and conference spaces and rooms online still so complicated? 
  • (04:28) - What are the benefits of digitising the MICE and group sales processes for convention hotels and venues?
  • (05:44) - Why is automating the group sales process for smaller meetings especially important?
  • (06:30) - How do Lindner Hotels and me and all hotels leverage technology in the MICE sales department currently, and what is planned for the next years?
  • (08:21) - What are the most significant opportunities for digitisation and automation in the MICE segment, and why?
  • (10:25) - What are the main challenges in terms of digitisation and automation in the MICE segment?
  • (11:30) - What’s the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and data management in this sector - can it really impact operations in positive ways? What use cases are there? 

Abbreviations used in the video

PMS - Property Management System (Also, find the Evolution of the PMS Editorial here)

RFP - Request for Proposal

MICE - Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Events

DDR - Daily Delegate Rate

S&C systems - Sales and catering software systems

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