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COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE l 26th November 2020

COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE l 26th November 2020

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Tune in to this recording of the first COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE session that was streamed live 26th November 2020 on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Youtube. 

The COLLECTIVE #hotelierPULSE series is co-hosted by Pedro Colaco, CEO at Great Hotels of the World and Guestcentric.

Based on the latest findings of The Hotelier PULSE Report this live panel invited the community to discuss how these findings reflect in the respective hotel markets currently, what the sentiments are like, the key findings of the survey, and their impact on the coming months.

Kyp Charalambous, Vice President of Sales at the iconic Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai joined Pedro Colaco and André Baljeu sharing his takes and observations about the current development of the travel and hotel markets. COLLECTIVE - The hotel industry's open sessions for all industry stakeholders facilitating exchange, relationship-building and knowledge-transfer. Hoteliers will share their best practices and reflect on the past months experiences, as well both their learnings and expectations for the months to come.

This podcast is also available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

Please note: As during the session various slides with market data are shown, you might prefer to watch the video recording of the session.

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