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Lonneke de Kort | SHS Swiss Innovation Day 2020

Lonneke de Kort | SHS Swiss Innovation Day 2020

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Lonneke de Kort, CEO at shares the three key take-aways of her speech at the Swiss Innovation Day 2020 'Insights on Marketing for Sustainable Hotels', but also her takes on questions such as: How can tourism be more environmentally friendly? Short-term stay guests and high turnover - What would be three ways that hotels could support sustainable living principles for short-term staying guests? Sustainability and Hygiene - How does a hotel make both work at the same time.. How can sustainability be communicated beyond cliché and greenwashing.

André Baljeu, Founder at, spoke with Lonneke at the Swiss Innovation Day #SID20, that took place in August 2020 at the Maag Halle in Zurich, Switzerland. The #SID20 was the first industry reunion and event for the Swiss Hospitality and Hotel Industry after the 2020's lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The industry event was organized by SHS Swiss Hospitality Solutions and SHS Swiss Academy.

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