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Marcus Mosen | FinTech Advisory & Investor | HSMA eDay 2020

Marcus Mosen | FinTech Advisory & Investor | HSMA eDay 2020

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Marcus Mosen, former CEO of Payment Service Provider Concardis, shares the three main key take-aways from his keynote at HSMA eDay 2020 'Digital Payments - Always in Motion' and his takes on the current status and developments regarding Digital and Mobile Payments.

Lea Jordan, Co-Founder at spoke with Marcus Mosen at the HSMA eDay 2020 in Berlin. joined the HSMA eDay 2020 as official Digital Media Partner once again. 

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HSMA Deutschland e.V. - the German Hotel Association with more than 1.400 members hosted their signature industry event - the HSMA eDay 2020, the leading event for the German-speaking hotel market covering current trends and issues around Distribution, Digital Marketing, Revenue Management, and Digitization for hotels, 17th September 2020 as a hybrid event with 100 hotel professionals attending the event at the Mercure MOA Hotel in Berlin and hundreds other joining the live stream virtually.

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