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Podcast | Evolution of the PMS

Podcast | Evolution of the PMS

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From old school Property Management System (PMS) to modern Hotel Operating System. Over the past years, as business needs demanded, additional features were introduced into PMS solutions.

Iris Steinmetz, in her back then role as Vice President of Product and Partnerships at Snapshot; Daniel Krisch, Senior Director, Hospitality Strategy & Market Segments at Oracle; Ulrich Pillau, Founder & CEO at apaleo; and Richard Valtr, Founder & Director at Mews, joined André Baljeu for this discussion around questions such as:

  • How was the evolution of the PMS in the past years?
  • The argument of a closed versus an open PMS. 
  • What are differences in terms of needs looking at a PMS, depending on the perspective - Chain versus independent hotels?
  • What are expectations and requirements of/for the new generation PMS solutions?
  • The importance of maximizing guest data from and within a PMS?
  • What is the role of the PMS when looking at data sharing among the various systems?
  • App Stores and Market Places - How to best implement and leverage those in existing hotel technology stacks?

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