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Podcast | Hotel Website & Direct Distribution

Podcast | Hotel Website & Direct Distribution

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Fausto Marques (GuestCentric) and Shafquat Khan (Sciant) join host André Baljeu ( to share their expertise and insights about the key elements of a hotel's website and how it is a key factor in a direct distribution strategy. 

What are the different factors that need to be considered in today’s environment when it comes to hotel websites? What are critical onsite optimization trends? What are the aspects of a successful direct distribution strategy? How does the target audience play an essential role in website personalization, and how can hotels drive onsite conversion?

Fausto Marques, Team Leader of Customer Support and Account Management at GuestCentric

Fausto is responsible for leading Guestcentric’s customer-facing teams of Account Managers, Customer Support Agents, and Onboarding Specialists. They focus on helping customers accelerate full product deployment and utilization, earn and sustain customer loyalty, nurture referrals, identify new business opportunities, source customer insight, and distribute knowledge.

Fausto is passionate about delivering and maintaining the highest standards of support to independent and boutique hotels worldwide as they grow their businesses. 

Under his leadership, Guestcentric’s Customer Experience Team now boasts an average case resolution time of under 24 hours, a 98% customer satisfaction rate, and 95% of customers who would recommend Guestcentric’s customer service to their peers.

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Shafquat Khan, VP Travel & Hospitality at Sciant

Shafquat is a Senior technocrat with over 20 years of experience in conceiving the complete product roadmap; SME for the entire Product Life cycle Management from concept to phasing out of the product(s) across all products/product lines in the Travel / Hospitality industry with an experience in developing the strategy & roadmap for organizational expansion.

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