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Podcast | How to design a modern Hotel Technology Stack

Podcast | How to design a modern Hotel Technology Stack

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How to build a modern and scalable Hotel Technology Stack?

This episode discusses what aspects to consider when building a future-proof hotel tech stack.

Nigel Allport from For-Sight, Konstantin Vassilev from Sciant, and Mark Fancourt from TRAVHOTECH join André Baljeu to share their expertise and views on the topic. What layers are essential to look at when designing a hotel technology stack? Where to start and what type of technology solutions to choose? What elements are really needed?

Nigel Allport, Chief Commercial Officer at For-Sight

Nigel is a highly respected sales executive with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality technology sector, working with a diverse client portfolio of top-tier hotel brands, luxury and boutique hotel chains, hotel management companies, resorts, franchisees, and independents, and Business Partners. An international executive, Nigel is a frequent guest speaker and presenter at many industry events and conferences, including HOSPACE, HOSTEC, and HTNG in the United Kingdom. 

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Konstantin Vassilev, VP of Technology at Sciant

Konstantin’s background focuses on architecting highly scalable cloud-based solutions. As an architect who has worked on petabyte-scale, cloud-based Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), designed highly scalable microservices, consulted on complex ‘build or buy’ decisions for hospitality platforms valued at more than $1 Billion, and designed ground-breaking service layers that bridge legacy hospitality systems with modern microservices architectures, he believes that his value add to this discussion is to help identify aspects of modern technology that need to exist in critical parts of a modern hoteliers tech stack.

Konstantin often advises customers on what is called a “north star” architecture – in simple terms, this is a target architecture that is achieved over time. While today, especially due to fiscal constraints, we may not be able to migrate to/ implement only the latest, most scalable, secure, redundant architect, we want to point ourselves in that direction and use the target to guide our decision-making process along the way to avoid facing integration or scalability problems in the future. This is what we call our “north star.”

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Mark Fancourt, Co-Founder at TRAVHOTECH

Mark Fancourt is the Co-Founder of TRAVHOTECH, the next generation technology consultant for the modern hospitality & travel world,, a forward-thinking approach to hospitality information security within the complexities of the hotel operations environment, FOODnBEVTECH, helping restaurants & bars make the right technology choices and Testbed Vegas, the nonprofit for hospitality & travel technology in Las Vegas.

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