S02E10: Iris Steinmetz | Snapshot

S02E10: Iris Steinmetz | Snapshot

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We talk with Iris Steinmetz, VP Product & Partnerships at Snapshot about her journey from operations to tech experts. Discussing what Iris believes open API really means and how hotels can maximise their data to improve their business.

SnapShot is the first and largest hospitality independent data processing platform, helping both enterprise and individual hospitality organizations collect, harmonize and analyze their data to better manage their business. 


01:02 - Iris's Background 

05:16 - Going to a Start-Up 

08:10 - The Meaning of Open API's 

15:10 - Chapter Four - Tech has progressed 

18:09 - Chapter Five - Hotels hiring developers 

21:03 - Chapter Six - The value of a hotels data 

24:03 - Chapter Seven - Advice for moving into hotel tech