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S03E02: John Burns | Hospitality Technology Consulting

S03E02: John Burns | Hospitality Technology Consulting

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André Baljeu sat down with John Burns during the HEDNA LA conference in January 2019 for a chat about his experiences in the hotel technology space and the hospitality industry. Discussing topics such as the European hospitality technology scene, mergers and acquisitions in the technology market, how to prepare for the Chinese travellers, and what advice he'd give to young talents aspiring a career in hospitality and start-ups wanting to successfully build business in the hotel industry - to name a few. A true stalwart of our industry, John Burns is the President of Hospitality Technology Consulting.


00:35 - John's Background and Career Journey

03:00 - Evolution of Hospitality Technology

05:30 - The European Hotel Technology Scene

08:09 - The Future of the Hotel's Front Desk

09:36 - Industry Mergers & Acquisitions in the Hospitality Technology Space

11:31 - Advice to Students & Hotel & Travel Tech Startups

13:32 - Preparing for the Chinese and Asian Traveler

15:26 - US Property Development Challenges in the Mid-Scale Segment, and why Alternative Accommodation Providers challenged hotel operators to be better hosts

Companies mentioned in this episode: 

Oracle, Amadeus Hospitality, Sabre Hospitality, Hyatt Hotels, apaleo, Oaky, Shiji Group and Clock PMS

If you prefer tuning in to the Podcast Version of this conversation, find it here.

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