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S03E03: Connie Rheams | BeeKeeper

S03E03: Connie Rheams | BeeKeeper

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We sat down with Connie Rheams, VP Hospitality from Beekeeper whilst at HEDNLA LA 2019 for a chat about her journey and experiences in the hotel tech industry. 

Connie is a highly respected innovative visionary and proven leader in the hospitality space, being recognised in 2014 by the Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals as one of the hospitality technology industry’s notable and influential female IT executives.


0:45 - Background 

5:05 - Beekeeper 

6:52 - Hotel’s Pain Points 

9:40 - Integrations 

12:52 - Connie’s travel expectations 

14:33 - Tech Predictions 

17:03 - US Economic Downturn? 

18:18 - Advice to graduates