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S03E07: Moritz Klussmann | Customer Alliance

S03E07: Moritz Klussmann | Customer Alliance

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We went to Berlin to talk with Moritz Klussmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Customer Alliance. 

Celebrating their 10 year anniversary, Moritz tells us about his journey starting a company right out of university, lessons learned and challenges faced. 

Today with over 7000 customers worldwide, Customer Alliance provide Online Reputation Management & Customer Experience Management tools for their customers. Helping them provide engaging experiences at all stages of their own customers' journey, collecting feedback and improve their business.


00:28 - Background

03:59 - Challenges

05:35 - Customer Journey

07:17 - Voice Technology & Chat Bots

10:01 - Today's Smart Hotelier

14:47 - Online Reputation

15:35 - Today's Technology Gaps

18:49 - Personal Travel Expectations

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