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S04E02: Kevin King l Shiji Group

S04E02: Kevin King l Shiji Group

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Tune in to this interview: Kevin King, Chief Operating Officer at Shiji Group speaks with André Baljeu and shares exclusive insights about his very own background, his career highs and lows, what sets Shiji Group apart and much more.

Time Stamps:

02:17 - Kevin's Background

09:50 - Career Highs & Lows

13:11 - What makes Shiji Group different?

16:22 - What keeps Kevin King up at night?

18:13 - Current Challenges

22:47 - Selling StayNTouch

27:26 - Could it happen again?

29:20 - Applying Historical Learnings

32:21 - Hotels Hesitation with Technology

36:04 - What Kevin looks for in talent

38:27 - Merging Company Cultures

40:01 - Too many brands, or not enough?

41:37 - What is Kevin's favorite Hotel and why? 

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Kevin King is the Chief Operating Officer of Beijing Shiji Information Technology Co. ltd.

Kevin King has worked as the Chief Operating Officer of Beijing Shiji Information Technology Co. Ltd since June 30, 2015. Kevin focuses on the domestic management and growth of Shiji and oversees the globalization of the company. Prior to joining Shiji, Kevin worked with leading hospitality technology solution provider, MICROS Systems Inc., which merged with Oracle in 2014, for over 17 years in various operational and business management roles, including the business and technical development of global payment solutions.

About Shiji Group

Shiji Group provides software solutions and services for the hospitality, food service, retail and entertainment industries, ranging from hotel management solutions, to food and beverage and retail systems, payment gateways, data management, online distribution and more. Founded in 1998 as a network solutions provider for hotels, Shiji Group today comprises 5,000 employees in 80+ subsidiaries and brands, serving over 74,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants and 600,000 retail outlets.

Shiji Group is a Founding Member of