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S03E08: Full | Thibault Gence & Florian Montag | Hotel Hero

S03E08: Full | Thibault Gence & Florian Montag | Hotel Hero

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On a recent trip to Berlin, David Turnbull joined André Baljeu in interviewing two of the three Co-Founders of Hotelhero, Florian Montag and Thibault Gence, at their Berlin Offices. 

We discussed a range of topics from their motivations to start a company right out of Hotelschool right through to their learnings over the last 3 years.

Time stamps

Part One

00:39 - Background & Motivation 

04:15 - Hotelhero's Evolution 

09:15 - Hotel's adopting an R&D approach 

12:57 - Balancing Technology vs. Service 

20:45 - Learning from Hotels

Part Two

00:11 - The Necessary Resources

02:18 - Tech Providers Opportunities

06:57 - AI & Robotics in the future

17:54 - Guest Experience always wins

20:35 - Advice for Start-ups

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