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COLLECTIVE #MICEBEAT with Lidia Sakarapani and Tracy Scott

COLLECTIVE #MICEBEAT with Lidia Sakarapani and Tracy Scott

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Watch this on-demand video of the COLLECTIVE #MICEBEAT live session with special guests Lidia Sakarapani, Head of Sales & Marketing at Principal. Global Events and Tracy Scott, Chief Executive Officer Hotel Division at CWW connectworldwide. The session was streamed live on Linkedin and Youtube on 25 May 2021.

As we learned in the previous COLLECTIVE #MICEBEAT session in the US, with large-scale vaccine roll-out, events are coming back. Slowly but surely. In this session, we discuss with the audience, amongst others, these questions: 

  • How can we, in Europe and the Middle East, prepare for the comeback of meetings and events and groups business in hospitality?
  • How can hotels increase the chances of winning whatever business is out there? 
  • What learnings can be shared from the UK hospitality meetings & events market?
  • What aspects to consider when setting the hotel groups & events sales strategy? 
  • What type of events are customers requesting? Who is the actual buyer, did their profile change?
  • Will hybrid events be as successful as in-person events? Will hybrid events become the new standard?
  • Will there be changes in prices across the value chain within meetings & events? 

Watch this session to hear what our expert panelists are seeing and what the buyers (event agencies, etc.) are currently learning from their clients and hotel partners.

The Collective #MICEBEAT sessions are data-driven live think tanks focusing on the Meetings & Events industry’s future. Taking stock of where we as an industry are, where we need to go, and how we will get there, co-hosted by Rita Machado, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Great Hotels of the World, and Lea Jordan, Co-Founder at Providing a platform for the hospitality industry to exchange knowledge, pollinate ideas and connect.

If you prefer tuning in to the podcast version of this session, find it hereAlso, find the original Linkedin Live Video, including all comments and questions from the audience here. 

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