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Podcast | Leisure Distribution Technology & Dynamic Packaging

Podcast | Leisure Distribution Technology & Dynamic Packaging

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How can hotels and accommodation providers leverage technology to set up a successful direct leisure distribution strategy (incl. packaging) by decreasing dependency on traditional tour operating models and increasing flexibility, scalability for, and dynamic options?

Natalie Kimball, Vice President Strategic Account Management Shiji Distribution Solutions at Shiji Group and Board Member at HEDNA, and Serhat Goetz, Director Leisure Sales at BWH Hotel Group Central Europe, join André Baljeu to discuss aspects such as:

  • Market sentiment - Are travelers looking more for options to curate their own traveling experience and not be so reliant on external providers? If so, what would be the market breakdown, i.e., who is this important for? 

  • Dynamic Packaging - How should hotels approach Dynamic Packaging when it comes to implementation?

  • External and 3rd party inventory suppliers: How should hotels approach external inventory suppliers, i.e., ways to qualify their offering, value for money, and brand suitability? 

  • Technical Challenges - What are some of the primary technology challenges for hotels when setting up dynamic packaging and linking 3rd party services to their own booking process? 

  • Disruptive Technology Opportunities in Dynamic Packaging: What are some examples of these and opportunities for hotels when considering their distribution strategy?

Natalie Kimball, Vice President Strategic Account Management Shiji Distribution Solutions at Shiji Group and Board Member at HEDNA

Natalie's primary role is developing existing partnerships with Shiji's Switch and image asset, IcePortal. Her first role in the industry, over 20 years ago, was managing the Southern California market at Travelscape, which became the Expedia Merchant Model. She has built a successful career in the hospitality technology industry, including managing FIT, Tour, and Wholesale accounts at a 3,4, and 5-star hotel group in San Diego, working at two switch companies and for two of the largest OTAs; Orbitz and Expedia.

Natalie brings knowledge, leadership, and passion into all her roles. She is currently a board member of HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association).

Connect with Natalie Kimball on Linkedin.

Shiji Group is a Founding Member at

Serhat Goetz, Director Leisure Distribution at BWH Hotel Group Central Europe

Serhat is a highly driven sales & marketing person with over 20 years of senior-level experience at leading travel industry companies. He is a mature, positive individual who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible at any given task. Especially for the last few years, Serhat has initiated new ways of thinking in terms of Distribution, People Management, and therefore Change Management, despite a challenging market. Serhat possesses excellent communication skills and has the ability and experience to relate to a wide range of people.

With his team of five, the Leisure Sales Department at BWH Hotel Group Central Europe (BWHCE) Serhat is responsible for the leisure sales of all hotels within the Central Europe Region. They provide competent support for national and international B2B leisure & sports clients from the FIT, wholesale, DMC, and group travel segments.

Together with the hotels, they develop the appropriate leisure sales strategies and align their sales activities and customer mix for each hotel in the BWHCE portfolio. The department's focus is to support existing or key customers and establish and expand new potential business relationships.

The department's goal is to make the best possible use of the leisure availability of all BWHCE hotels. In doing so, the various sales opportunities of the dynamic travel market are exploited, and an agile response to market fluctuations is ensured. The strengths of the BWHCE Leisure Sales Team are professionalism, strong communication skills, customer orientation, and a constant ear to the market.

Connect with Serhat on Linkedin.

About BWH Hotel Group Central Europe (BWHCE)

BWH Hotel Group Central Europe (BWHCE), headquartered in Eschborn in Germany, is in charge of approximately 300 hotels in ten countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland. All city and resort hotels of BWH guarantee uniform and consistent quality standards worldwide and still keep their individual styles and their entrepreneurial independence. As a membership association, all BWH hotels are independently owned and operated.

As a service partner, BWH Hotel Group pursues to increase their member hotels' profitability, success, and competitiveness. Their Hotels maintain their independence while locking in all of the world's largest lodging affiliation advantages. Member hotels benefit from a powerful global brand with full-service support and comprehensive marketing and sales activities for all relevant market segments and target groups.

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